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New Members Night - Thursday 29th September 2022

We are always looking for new members and we would love you to join us, we pride ourselves on giving you a warm welcome and an instant support network! Our next New Members night is Thursday 29th September at 5:45pm at the Garrison Church. You do not need to audition to join!

The choir is about taking some time out for yourself. We have a free Creche provision with DBS Certified staff. We meet once a week on a Thursday and start singing at six. When your family may be miles away, you'll get support from ladies who know just how you feel.

Whilst we have to perform (to enable the choir to survive) we have learnt how to do that, all our fun rehearsals gear up to a public performance, which whilst scary is something every member loves! You really do not have to be a 'singer' to come along and have fun with us, you may or may not have been part of a choir, it is not about having the best voice or having to perform solo but it absolutely is about having fun, learning a new skill alongside ladies, who will become your friends.

Join Us

It truly is skill building, you do not need to read music but you will learn that, you do not need to be a performer but you will learn that too, as well as increasing your confidence! If you then go on to get posted and have to leave us, you can join a MWC all over the country, where you can instantly step into a new support network! Plus when you return to Catterick Garrison you can come straight back to choir. 

The criteria for joining are that you are one or more of the following to ensure eligibility:

  • Wife/ Civil Partner
  • Affiliate (eg Mum, daughter of a member of the Armed Forces, teaching in a Garrison School, working in a MOD establishment)
  • Girlfriend or a member of the Armed Forces
  • Servicewoman


We rehearse every Thursday in term time at the Garrison Memorial Church. The first Thursday of every month is new members night, we start singing at 6pm but the committee are always in the church much earlier so come along at 5.30 and we can give you all the forms and make you feel welcome. If you have come from another MWC just come straight along and fit straight back in. If you need a creche place either email us or contact us via our Facebook page.

We really love welcoming new members and have you experience why we are so passionate about the WAGS. You will find on our Facebook AND Instagram page even more pictures, stories and links to videos of rehearsals and performances.

Look forward to meeting you soon. 



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